"If I was great at writing, I'd be applying to a Literature program.  Instead I'm great at business and smart enough to realize that someone like Lindsay can help me present myself at my best."

              -Chris (2008) Admitted to Harvard Business School



3 reasons to choose Perfected Paper over Major Online Editing Factories


The admissions essay is a critical component of college applications because it showcases your personality and your ability to communicate effectively.  Many students have  identical grade point averages and standardized test scores, but an effective essay is memorable. Perfected Paper can make your work stand apart from the pack.



Perfected Paper was founded and is staffed by College English Instructor, Lindsay Johnson. As an award winning writer and freelance copy editor, Lindsay was looking for an avenue to share her love of the English language with the world. Perfected Paper was created to assist students, professionals, and aspiring writers, not to make its founder a millionaire.


Perfected Paper does not inflate our editing rates.  Unlike the major online editing factories we have no HR Department, no Executives, no Managers, and we do not have a bloated marketing budget.  The higher prices you pay elsewhere do not result in more quality; they pay the salary of support employees and fat cat executives.  The quality of our work is second to none.